In today's lineup of vending machine offerings, more and more varieties of foods and drinks are easily accessible with a touch of a button. And with beverages, the easiest way to consistently dispense good tasting drinks is to use the best water possible.

That's because cold cup beverages, such as sodas and juices, and hot cup beverages, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and newly-emerging specialty espresso drinks, are mostly water.

Premium water that's free from chlorine, dirt and other contaminants is needed to dispense quality beverages. In cold cup drinks, chlorine and dirt can drive the carbonation out and destroy their taste. For hot cup beverages, chlorine causes coffee and specialty drinks to taste bitter. Everpure filters stop these taste-destroying contaminants.

We are water. Whether you need filtration, softening or reverse osmosis, we have a solution. After all, our entire existence revolves around providing the best, most consistent water anywhere. That’s why so many foodservice operators depend on us to solve their water problems. In fact, Everpure’s been a leading global provider of quality water solutions to the foodservice industry for over 75 years.
How Does It Work?
Customer Needs Assessment
You will work with an Everpure representative to understand your specific location and your needs. We will take a water test and survey your facility.
Situational Analysis
After we understand your water quality and your location we recommend the best filtration and conditioning equipment. Our team helps you arrange installation.
Implementation & Management
Once your equipment is installed, ongoing support is vital to maintaining water quality. Regular filter changes and scheduled maintenance keeps your food, beverage and equipment the best it can be.
Everpure Solutions Offer:
Consistency. Remove or reduce unwanted minerals, particulates and chemicals so your water is sparkling clean, every time.
Confidence. Everpure products are proven effective. That’s why you can find our products in foodservice operations around the world.
Solutions. Our Total Water Management Program can solve your water problems. We’ll analyze your operation, provide recommendations, and install the right products so your water is problem-free. And we’ll help you stay that way with our maintenance program.
Satisfaction. Everpure water is better all around, which means you’ll have a more cost-efficient and high performing operation, and your customers will have a superior overall experience.





About Coffee Doctors

Coffee Doctors, Inc. has been in the coffee and espresso equipment repair business since 1990.

Our highly trained and certified technicians service a broad range of commercial coffee equipment. Our goal is "One Trip" to repair commercial espresso machines, coffee brewers and grinders and water filtration systems. Our goal is "One Trip" to repair commercial espresso machines, coffee brewers and grinders and water filtration systems.
We sell, lease, service and supply the best coffee and espresso making equipment on the market.

Besides expert coffee machine repair services for commercial espresso equipment and espresso machine parts, every Coffee Doctor technician is knowledgable about all types of coffee - where it orgininates from, roasting, grinding, preparing and serving - so that not only is your coffee machine repaired right the first time, but that the coffee it makes is perfect.

Our goal is a great cup of coffee and the final test is a satisfied customer!