Appia II

Appia2Appia is an innovating and essential machine joining together technology and functionality. It has been created to satisfy the more demanding customers. Appia is ideal for those who want reliability, high productivity and performances from a coffee machine. Its modern style, the purity of its design and the shininess of steel make Appia a machine suitable for modern and crowded places.

Working to express one’s talent and enjoying the smile of a satisfied customer is what turns a job into a pleasure. Appia offers even more as it has been conceived to make every operation easier and work less stressful. Many are the details that make it comfortable, from the soft engaging system of the filter holder to the Push&Pull levers, from the adjustable inox wands allowing a wide range of movement to the wide work tray where the cup is always visible.
Being able to bring into a cup all the cream present in coffee is a challenge that Appia has won thanks to the SIS system (Soft infusion System) which guarantees a soft infusion such to make always perfect brewing and compensating possible mistakes in coffee tamping.
Turning milk into a thick soft cream is an art that characterises the good barista. Nowadays with Appia it is easy to obtain it, thanks to the “turbo-cream”; an innovative system letting out simultaneously both air and dry steam, so that it is possible to froth and heat-up milk in an absolutely simple and immediate way. The Turbo Cream is also reliable, hygienic and safe thanks to the wand’s thermal insulating system.
The Volumetric version has an upgraded switchboard with touch control commands. Some new and useful functions have been added like the practical “automatic washing” system.
Appia is available both in the “Semiautomatic” and “Automatic” versions with 2 and 3 groups.
In addition to the “standard” version with black sides panels, for the more demanding customers Appia is also available in the version called “Lux” silver or metallised black with inserts in polished inox steel.



About Coffee Doctors

Coffee Doctors, Inc. has been in the coffee and espresso equipment repair business since 1990.

Our highly trained and certified technicians service a broad range of commercial coffee equipment. Our goal is "One Trip" to repair commercial espresso machines, coffee brewers and grinders and water filtration systems. Our goal is "One Trip" to repair commercial espresso machines, coffee brewers and grinders and water filtration systems.
We sell, lease, service and supply the best coffee and espresso making equipment on the market.

Besides expert coffee machine repair services for commercial espresso equipment and espresso machine parts, every Coffee Doctor technician is knowledgable about all types of coffee - where it orgininates from, roasting, grinding, preparing and serving - so that not only is your coffee machine repaired right the first time, but that the coffee it makes is perfect.

Our goal is a great cup of coffee and the final test is a satisfied customer!